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Kinda got the whole fur fetish from my hypnosis fetish, I think furelli84 My first recollection was likely through film watching lesley Anne Down in the Pink panther in Coyote fur coat/hat & then Diana Rigg in OHMSS in red fox coat/hat & Francois Dorleac in Billion Dollar brain (Fur & femme fatales in peril all!). Oct 15,  · It is estimated that at least , people in the US identify as “furries.” These are not an offshoot of PETA activists, rallying for the safety of animals and their coats. Instead, furries are a.

Savage Love: You knew about the fur fetish when you married him. by Dan Savage on January 24th, Because if monogamy is what you want or what he wants or what you both want, FURS, then choosing. Love fur Sex, Fur Coats, Fur Anything.

Groaning with pain from your massive hangover, your eyes open wide as you look down and see a big maze of fur blocking your vision. You try to sit up, but there is a heavy weight jiggling on your chest, and your head feels like it weighs ten times more than it should. Jan 23, - Explore Adie's board "Furfetishqueen", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about fur coat, fur fashion, fur pins.