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Our skin care products are formulated by a Biomedical Scientist to ensure safe, effective and high-quality skin care. All the Biomedical Emporium ® products comprise of the very unique and explicit tertiary tissue-protective. peptide technology synthesised by Dr Judey Pretorius. Biomedical Emporium ® only utilises high-quality pharmaceutical grade raw materials in all . Advanced skin care by Biomedic for reversing visible signs of aging and damage, resulting in healthier-looking skin.

Biomedic Micropeel. For the past decade, BioMedic has led the way in developing state-of-the-art therapeutic skincare treatments that can correct the damage associated with the aging process. The results give you smooth and youthful looking skin. BioMedic MicroPeel is a safe and effective procedure. The MircoPeel is an in office procedure that requires little or no .