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Aug 30,  · For the best chance of success, Anami says, “devote a good minutes to breast and nipple play. Massage and caress the whole surface area of the breasts Author: Erin Magner. Sep 19,  · Fun Fact: all breasts, regardless of size, have the same number of nerve endings. This means, as a general rule, small breasts are more sensitive and large breasts can Author: Allison Moon.

Natural Breast Enhancement (warning:NSFW) - a process to enlarge breasts without implants by inducing lactation. Hucow (warning:NSFW) - A submissive who likes or desires their breasts to be milked by a dominant partner (usually in the context of a BDSM relationship). Nipple Play/Orgasms and Breast Worship - breast-focused foreplay techniques. Nov 26,  · It's easy to think modern society is the source of all our breast obsessions, whether it's a media emphasis on everyday cleavage or sexualized images of women's bodies. But tens of thousands of years ago, breasts were also the center of attention. Goddess worship was common because the female body and breasts symbolized fertility, birth, and nourishment. Think about it: a woman [ ].

Sep 19,  · While breasts are truly full of yummy nerve endings, most of the pleasurable sensation comes from the surface of the breasts. So lick, pinch, stroke away. But keep the breast . May 07,  · If the breast is already used for mother-infant bonding, the argument goes, then it is a small step for it to be used in facilitating bonding between lovers. After all, it is in easy reach.