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One of these changes can be a condition called gynecomastia, when breast tissue enlarges. That small lump with tenderness beneath the nipple is a normal part of puberty. In fact, about half of all boys develop gynecomastia during puberty. It's usually temporary and can happen on just one side or both. Breast cysts are the most common type of lump in children and teens. A breast cyst is a fluid-fill pocket that can be just under the skin or inside the breast tissue. Breast cysts are almost always benign, but they can become painful just before a woman begins her period. The cyst might also change size over the course of her period.

Breast tissue develops while in the womb. During this time, the breasts form small branching tubes (ducts) behind the nipple. Until boys reach their teenage years and puberty, their breast tissue is the same as that of girls. However, when they reach puberty, increased hormone levels affect the further development of the breast tissue. Feb 01,  · Enlarged Breasts in Boys Gynecomastia is the presence of enough breast tissue in a male to appear like a breast mound is developing. Gynecomastia can range from prominent breast bud tissue that does not go away to a feminized breast with a mound and rounded nipple.

Gynecomastia is a condition that makes breast tissue swell in boys and men. It can happen when the balance of two hormones in your body is thrown off. If you have enlarged breasts because of fat. Oct 18,  · Other less common breast lumps in teens include cysts, which are noncancerous fluid-filled sacs. Banging or injuring breast tissue, possibly during a Author: Donna Christiano.