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Dec 02,  · The escorts of these fallen soldiers talk about them as if they are still alive and with us. “My soldier is on his way back to Virginia,” he said. He proceeded to answer my questions, but offered. Jan 26,  · We were honored to escort two of the fallen National Guard Soldiers from Monroe County to Fort Drum on Tuesday. Three members were killed when their helicopter crashed on .

Fallen soldier’s platoon escorts his body home to N.J. after death on base. Updated Nov 08, ; Posted Nov 08, Body of paratrooper Matt Joskowitz is brought back to Cliffside Park. Oct 30,  · Being part of an escort for a fallen soldier is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do. There is a group called “The Patriot Guard Riders”. We volunteer at the family request to be part of funerals for our current fallen soldiers and for those who have served in the past. Check out this group and volunteer.

Chaplain escorts fallen soldiers in Iraq. Two Black Hawk crews from the 25th Combat Aviation Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, salute the fallen soldiers they transported to Balad on Feb. 9. The duties of the military escort are complete when the remains are delivered to the funeral home where interment will be held. He or she is not required to attend the service. For a personal, based-on-true-life look behind the scenes at an escort’s journey, we recommend the HBO movie Taking Chance.