Stretching her meaty pussy lips and labia - enlarged clitoris and labia


enlarged clitoris and labia - Stretching her meaty pussy lips and labia

Jan 31,  · The labia are located on the vulva, which is the exterior part of a woman’s genitals. They protect the clitoris, vagina, and urethra from infection and damage. A variety of conditions can cause Author: Jayne Leonard. Jan 27,  · The inner and outer labia may also become engorged and swollen. And because the Bartholin glands inside the vagina sometimes secrete lubrication during arousal, the clit and surrounding labia .

Aug 04,  · Labial hypertrophy is the medical term for enlarged labia. This condition may cause discomfort in your vaginal region. In some cases, it might even affect personal hygiene and Author: Ann Pietrangelo. Aug 13,  · The labia are a sensitive area, and longer labia may become irritated more easily. Some people with enlarged labia may feel discomfort when doing .

Mar 30,  · An enlarged or swollen clitoris may be caused by general inflammation of the genitals. This is known as vulvitis, which describes inflammation of the vulva. This is known as vulvitis, which. Redness and swelling on the vulva and labia (lips of the vagina) Blisters on the vulva; Scaly, thick, whitish patches on the vulva; The symptoms of vulvitis can also suggest other disorders or diseases of the genitals. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should consult your healthcare provider.