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With middle ear infections do not have facial swelling. See a doctor - mastoiditis and mumps, and mono are three of the many possibilities. Send thanks to the doctor. A year-old female asked: abnormal swelling around the face with ear ache and throat could it be? an ear infection or cancer? under the jaw swelling Ear infection with facial swelling davidkerry. I realized i had n ear infection on Weds, saw a Dr on Thurs who confimred a red and swollen ear drum. He prescribed amoxycillin and for the pain ibuprofin and vicoden. I have taken 3 doses of amox so far, and the the left side of my face, between my cheek and ear, are quite swollen.

Aug 20,  · swollen and red skin around the ear If any of these symptoms develop, contact your doctor immediately. Early treatment will help stop the spread of the Darla Burke. Apr 04,  · Facial swelling has a range of possible causes, from minor events like sleeping on your face to serious medical conditions like anaphylaxis. Get the .

"swollen face near ear and jaw. sudden onset, not sick, no fever, side of face swollen and tender. swollen part feels warm-ish and very firm. 3 days" Answered by a verified doctor: Swollen face: There can be various causes for swollen face. This will. Dec 03,  · Facial swelling may also be referred to as facial edema. A variety of mild to serious disorders, diseases and conditions can lead to face swelling. Swelling can result from infections, inflammation, trauma and malignancy (cancer).