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My period was on Oct. 17, and ended on my bf and I had sex on Nov. 5, he use condom and he ejaculated but we just kept going for a while. I noticed the base of the condom would roll up every now and then but he just rolled it back down. I'm worried that some of the semen may have leaked down and into me. Condoms are designed and tested -- each and every one of them, by every manufacturer -- to be able to withstand ejaculation (what you're calling "erupting") as well as to contain a single ejaculation: the amount of semen a person with a penis emits when they ejaculate. They test them by blowing amounts of air into each condom with a level of force (called "airburst tests") far .

It could also be that cum leaked from the condom. This can happen if your partner left the condom on their penis after their erection went away. When this happens, the penis becomes soft, the condom becomes loose, and cum or precum can leak out. Additionally, cum can leak out through a tear or a hole in the condom. English: In this video is shown how a male (age 35) will put a condom on his penis, masturbate with it and take it off after use. In the beginning the male is fully clothed and first he lowers his jeans and under pants. His penis flaccid. When his penis is sufficiently engorged he rolls the condom on his penis, shows it, and begins to masturbate.

Whatever your needs in the bedroom are, chances are Durex have a condom for it, and premature ejaculation is no different. These condoms contain benzocaine, a . If your partner uses a condom and pulls out before he ejaculates — comes — then you’re using two different kinds of birth control methods. The first, the male condom, is an effective way to prevent pregnancy. Each year, two out of women whose partners use condoms will become pregnant if they always use condoms correctly.