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Adult Discipline (Disciplinarian / protégé / Mentor / mentee) Precisely what this site is trying to expound and explain. In the Adult Spanking venue, Discipline (verb) can refer to the specific action taken by any of the kinds of Tops. Discipline (noun) can also refer to a type of methodology and process used by Disciplinarians in order to bring about their goal of ‘encouraging’ a bottom to do better. Head of House Discipline This is when the head of the house (usually the husband or male partner but sometimes the wife or female partner) takes charge of the submissive partner in the relationship and issues discipline at his or her discretion. This is easily the most common form of domestic discipline that we have at Southern Comfort, and nearly all of our adult couples (and some of our teen couples!) .

More Disciplinarians If you are unable to see me in San Francisco but still need a good spanking then I would suggest visiting one (or all!) of these lovely women. I was given permission by all the individuals on this list to use their photos and link their website. Physical Discipline at Southern Comfort. Here at Southern Comfort, we recognize three different types of physical discipline: Traditional Physical discipline, which includes both mouth soaping and flagellation (spanking in its various forms); Non-Traditional Physical Discipline, which includes most forms of exercise and some types of chores; and Alternative Physical Discipline, which includes enemas and .

Three groups are mentioned in the Ephesians scriptures above: husband/wife, parents/children, and owners/slaves. Discipline is mentioned for two of the three groups, but not for spouses! The discipline of children is encouraged, threatening of slaves is discouraged, and no mention of discipline is made to wives and husbands. While having boundaries and discipline in your life can foster emotional safety and spur personal growth, the glue that makes the formula work has always been consistency. Domestic Discipline is one of those tools that works best when it is applied consistently over time.