Waiting for my boyfriend to get home so he can fuck me - my boyfriend cumed in me


my boyfriend cumed in me - Waiting for my boyfriend to get home so he can fuck me

My boyfriend and I are very Intimate since its the beginning of our new relationship Im not on BC because Ive had bad experience with it. I had sex with him and he blew in me twice I was going to get Plan B and told him but got side tracked so I had sex again the next night and he cummed in me twice again because I said Id get Plan B anyways. Im in the same situation!.. My boyfriend has completely cummed inside of me 3 times and nothing. I think I won't get my period and I do. Before I do my breasts get really tender and I feel sick in the mornings.

my boyfriend cummed in me? the first time we ever did it he cummed in me and i got pretty upset and had a talk with him about it and said he wouldnt do it again.. i went on vacation for a month and when i came back when we did it he pulled out, and then the second time im pretty sure he came in me 2 times. he knows it upsets. My boyfriend at the moment is the first person I'd had sex with and the other day he came inside me for the first time but when he pulled out it all leaked out. he said he should try and hold it in but not really sure how to do this or what I'm supposed to do. any advice is appreciated.

My boyfriend cummed in me? i recently lost my virginity. my boyfriend claimed in cummed inside of me, but i couldn't feel it if he did. is there a way i could tell or he is just playing with me? (it did feel wet "down there". was that my wetness or could it be his?) Answer Save. We've been dating for a year and have been having sex for about 3 months (we are both 20 and each others first). We've been using condoms and I couldn't go on birth control because of some medication I was taking. But I am supposed to stop taking that medication next week and haven't told him but have this HUGE urge for him to ejaculate in me so I'm going to go on the shot and .