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Mesh exposure after a midurethral sling procedure occurs in 1–2% of cases Expectant management of exposed vaginal mesh, with or without topical estrogen, can be appropriate in asymptomatic patients who have type 1 mesh. Small case reports document that spontaneous reepithelialization can occur Sep 15,  · Surgical mesh urethral slings can be implanted through the vagina to support the bladder neck or the tube that carries urine from your body (urethra). This is known as a midurethral sling or a mesh sling procedure. What are the safety concerns about use of surgical mesh to treat pelvic floor disorders?

Jun 01,  · To help treat stress urinary incontinence (SUI), your surgeon may do a procedure called pubovaginal sling surgery. A sling of tissue or mesh is placed like a hammock under the bladder and urethra. The sling helps support the bladder and urethra firmly in place. This helps keep the urethra closed to prevent urine leakage. Dec 01,  · The BioArc sling system is a hybrid sling system that uses polypropylene mesh for fixation and autologous fascia for suburethral support. We report what we believe to be the first case of vaginal erosion after midurethral sling placement using this hybrid by: 3.

Results. With a mean follow-up of months (range 2 to 18), 32 women (%) were dry, 1 improved, and 2 remained incontinent. The pubovaginal sling procedure was the only operation performed in 46% of patients, with a mean operative time of 72 minutes, a mean estimated blood loss of mL, and a mean hospital period of by: Dec 29,  · Cadaveric slings come from donor tissue, and synthetic slings are composed of mesh material. If urinary incontinence does not respond to other treatments, a pubovaginal sling may be necessary. Once the fascial tissue is extracted and prepared, the actual pubovaginal sling procedure can begin.