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College graduates TEND to be “smarter" as measured by the highly imperfect metric of IQ tests than the general population. That is because college acts as a filter. It takes some combination of smarts and hard work to graduate from college. If you are really smart you don't have to . Students should worry less about their grades and instead care more about retaining the content they are learning and gaining actual knowledge. David Thomas, a principal lecturer at ASU, said there are varying theories about intelligence. One of them is the entity theory of intelligence, which describes intelligence as being stable throughout.

Jun 25,  · Based on data from more than , participants, all told, psychologists Stuart Ritchieand Elliot Tucker-Drobhave arrived at a rough estimate . A person with a college degree is not necessarily smarter than someone without one. It's not really a definite sign of intelligence. It's more an example of their perseverance to see something through and finish. A sign of drive as well as having enough smarts to pass the classes needed to graduate.

No more intelligent than the students from any other country. I think what gives American students an advantage over many students of the world is that they don’t memorize facts by rote. They learn concepts and learn how to apply those concepts; the learn to think for themselves (admittedly, often wrongly); they learn to question experts; and they learn to think “outside of the box.”. Jun 06,  · College is, essentially, a four-year intelligence test. Students have to demonstrate intellectual ability over time and across a range of subjects.