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An adult education certificate could be your first step to develop your career into a more oversight-centered role as a postsecondary education administrator. This position boasts similar requirements to becoming an adult literacy and GED teacher. Postsecondary education administrators could potentially earn $88, annually. Graduate Certificate in Adult Education (24 graduate credit hours). This program is designed to prepare educators (mentors, facilitators, and coaches) to teach diverse adult populations in various contexts, and to meet OSSE certification requirements for state licensure in adult education.

Teaching adults can be both exciting and rewarding and those who do it well understand that they need a specific set of skills to meet the needs of adult learners. In this certificate program, you will learn from faculty who are experienced in working with adult populations and who understand the most effective teaching methods to engage them. Home / Programs / Certificate in Adult Education and Corporate Training Take your career further. This certificate is designed to help you utilize teaching skills in an environment that requires professional development, team building, or training to improve personal, collaborative skills in adults.

The Professional Certificate in Teaching Adult Learners is designed and taught by specialists currently working in the field. Our instructors are highly experienced in andragogy, online instruction, and curriculum development and focus on the development of practical classroom skills and effective teaching techniques. Adults Teaching Adults If you are a current, or substitute, teacher or are looking for extra work, becoming an adult education teacher may be the perfect fit for you. Most adult education instructors teach adults part time and have a passion for their subjects and their students.