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batman wonder woman adult fan fiction - SHELLEY CUCKOLD WONDER WOMAN WIFE SLUT

Batman & Wonder Woman ship fics from the JLA animated series. Also contains good fics that center on just Wonder Woman or Batman. NO SLASH! Chapter 16 contains adult content and should be skipped by those easily offended. Wonder Woman wants Batman. Batman wants no one. The rest of the world wants Wonder Woman to end up with Superman. This is a fan site and is NOT affiliated with any major company and/or comic publisher. It is also NOT in any way representative of the views.

This site is for stories based mainly around the relationship between the characters of Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Wonder Woman (Diana), as friends, teammates and/or romantic partners. So you may have noticed a slightly different look to the fan fiction section of the site. The main reasons for the change were: To improve the look of the site. Gotham City and Quahog became a little darker yesterday as Adam West, best known to the world as Batman of the 60s Batman series and Mayor West from Family Guy, passed away after a long battle with time Batman fans would also know him as the Gray Ghost from Batman: The Animated Series. Whether you're a Batman fan, a Family Guy fan, or anything .

FanFiction Forum. because their outfits don't match. A place to find great stories and conversations about your favourite DC couple. FanFiction Forum. Because marble scraping steel makes a horrible sound. Of all people you know who I am. I am who the world needs me to be. I am Wonder Woman. First Avenger - The Avengers #17 in Fanfiction - 06/12/