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RECOMMENDED SITES: TOP 50 PASSWORD SITES - The Top 50 XXX-Password Sites on the Web! TOP PASSWORDS - OVER 10, working passes every day! XXX PASSWORD UNIVERSE - + Passwords - Verified every 30 minutes! PURE PASSWORDS - Custom-Hacks and + Verified Passwords! % WORKING PASSWORDS - 3,+ Passwords of all kinds! Don't miss! Jun 13,  · Recently, Have I Been Pwned, a website that allows users to enter their password in order to find out if they have previously been compromised by data breaches, compiled a list of the 50 most common passwords that have been exposed to you spot yours, or one very similar to yours, on this list—whether it's for your email, your banking account, or anything else—then you want .

When the lame passwords meet the virtual goons of the internet, they can create havoc in the users’ life. To avoid experiencing the “sad plight” of many internet users who have been hacked, make sure you generate very strong random password or use passphrase. Here are the Top 50 most common passwords you should avoid. Jun 14,  · The list of the top 20 passwords rarely changes and 1 out of every 50 people uses one of these passwords. These passwords are largely dominated by passwords from adult web sites, which are the ones mostly publicly shared. This results in a higher percentage of adult-related and obscene passwords.

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