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adult themed trucker tunes - The Long Road Theme From Cal.

Aug 23,  · Best Trucker Songs. Truck driving isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a passion, it’s a culture. Truckers have their own language, movies, jokes, and even music. So when it comes to trucker music, there are few things better than being on the open road with your favorite song turned up. Red Simpson is an American country singer-songwriter best known for his trucker-themed songs. When Capitol was searching for an artist to record a truck driving album, Red (who was writing for Central Songs) received the call and signed with the label. In , Hello, I'm a Truck peaked at #1 on the Record World singles chart. Check out Red's.

Sep 01,  · This American singer, activist and politician is born on 15th November, in Audubon, Iowa. He is well known for his truck-themed outlaw country songs. Minnie Pearl – Her full name is Sarah Ophelia Colley Cannon. She was born October 25, in Centerville, in Hickman County, Tennessee and died March 4, We noticed that Today's Trucking compiled a list of the '50 Best Trucking Songs of All Time'. They also compiled a YouTube playlist for quick access, but we thought we would do you one better and compile them into a Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure.

Jan 12,  · So sit back, relax, and prepare to drive down the highway to (some of) our favorite tunes. on 18 wheeler – Alabama. First on the list is this song that was released back in January of ‘84—by none other than Alabama. The song is so lively and fun to listen to, it really gets you into that truck . Sep 03,  · Other great country trucker classics like “Truck Drivin’ Son-Of-A-Gun,” “Trucker’s Prayer,” and “Keep On Truckin'” are also attributed to Dudley, but like many of the old truck singers, he had his standard country hits too.