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Looking for special needs adult care? Choose from 4 options in Northfield, CT. Average special needs adult care rate: $/hr. The Adult Special Care Clinic (ASCC) is a general infectious diseases clinic located at the Jackson Medical Mall. ASCC offers comprehensive Ryan White care including antiretroviral therapy and laboratory monitoring, STD screening and treatment, medical case management and social work support, substance use screening and treatment (both in-house.

Looking for special needs adult care? Choose from 17 options in Jackson, MS. Average special needs adult care rate: $/hr. Adult Special Care. With funding available from Ryan White Programs, the Adult Special Care Center offers HIV+ patients the highest standard of care and individualized treatment. Read More. Close. Get the Care You Deserve Schedule an Appointment Today.

Home Care Assistance caregivers provide dependable, one-on-one care for people with special needs, no matter what age or condition. Offering flexible hourly and around-the-clock services, our Care Team matches your loved one with an experienced caregiver to fit your family’s unique needs. Adult Residential Facilities for Persons with Special Health Care Needs (ARFPSHN) Provide hour a day services for up to five adults with developmental disabilities, who have special health care needs and intensive support needs. This facility type requires certification of program approval from the Department of Developmental Services.