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Back and better than ever, Simon Sez Santa now features better functionality and more commands. Hundreds of responses Thousands of commands Hidden characterJust tell the big man what you want him Subcategory: Entertainment Software. Dec 15,  · SIMON SEZ SANTA. Ha, ha, ha kids, what fun is this game! Tell Santa what you want him to do and he will do it. Type in "commands" for example: drink, eat, sing, dance, breakdance, laugh, read, run around, fall down, roll over, jump, give gifts, shave beard, remove hat, ride Rudolph, decorate tree, kiss me, kiss Rudolph, juggle, play tennis.

Simon Sez Santa More: pee blow nose booger ===== To view archives of this list, or get instructions on how to unsubscribe, visit. Dec 05,  · Publisher Signature Advertising Platform online Multi-account no Type interactive video Initial Review Date 12/4/09 Last Updated 12/4/09 FAQ Files/Tools Game Link This thing has been around for a few years and it's pretty easy to find a list of all the commands, but with the holidays approaching I wanted to do something more festive. The.

Signature Advertising: Leave a Note for Santa "Simon Sez Santa" Creates Wild Holiday Rush for Memphis Ad Agency four weeks, nearly 20 million hits. "Simon Sez Santa" was intended to be a site created by the digital. “Simon Says for Adults!” This professional intensive on listening skills is anything but a kiddie game! Bring the whole room to life with “Simon Sez” − more fun decades later and a total crowd pleaser! The game is more of a challenge than ever. Why? Because being a good listener is still tricky, especially when our “grown-up.