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The DAST has been designed to be used as a screening instrument, for use routinely within further education establishments and the commercial workplace.. In designing the test, care has been taken to make the testing procedure as straightforward as possible, avoiding the use of IQ tests. As a result, DAST provides an excellent first step in deciding whether to request further . The Drug Abuse Screen Test (DAST) was designed to provide a brief, self-report instrument for population screening, clinical case finding and treatment evaluation research. It can be used with adults and older youth.

Screening for adults. Screening for adults can take the format of an online (electronic) exercise, or can be paper based – according to personal preference. The screening will highlight in each case whether there are indicators of dyslexia and will help the individual decide whether or not to proceed with a full dyslexia assessment. Drug Screening Questionnaire (DAST) Using drugs can affect your health and some medications you may take. Please help us provide you with the best medical care by answering the questions below. P ati ent n m: Date of birth: Which recreational drugs have you used in the past year? (Check all that apply).

A comprehensive review of the psychometric properties of the Drug Abuse Screening Test Errol Yudko, Olga Lozhkina, Adriana Fouts. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 32 () – This article reviews the reliability and the validity of the (, , and item) Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST). The dyslexia adult screening test (DAST) is a paper-based, one-to-one specialist screening test for adults. In addition to the dyslexia adult screening test, our specialist may also investigate, where appropriate, possible signs of dyspraxia and visual stress.