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Choose from our 8 Phone Pranks Comedy Calls. Silence. Dial Tone. Fax Machine Noise. Phone Busy Signal. Thank You For Holding. Annoying Sound. Bad Connection (Male) John Cena - Pay Per View Event. Choose from our 9 Español Comedy Calls. David S. . Send prank calls to your friends with scenarios like pizza orders, wake up services, fleeing bride and more.

Feb 27,  · Prank calls can be very entertaining when executed the right way. They can leave the caller in tears of joy and the receiver in a variety of moods ranging from ballistic to perky. In the spirit of “Solemnly being up to no good”, here are 19 prank call ideas that are bound to leave the caller rolling on the floor laughing and the receiver. Funniest prank call site! Send anonymous pre-recorded prank calls to friends and record the reaction live! Login. Sign in with facebook. Continue with email. By using this website and/or sending a prank call, Phone Pranks Send a d!ck to someones house!.

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