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Nov 23,  · Pool Floats for Backyard Pool Party Ideas for Adults You can never have too many pool floats. For this party we wanted to keep the feeling as tropical so we bought a watermelon, strawberry and flamingo floats for our friends. And we bought a baby pool float to use as our floating cooler. As an adult, it can be hard to have fun in the pool without resorting to a childish game of Marco Polo (that everyone cheats at anyway) or trying to drown each other in a chicken fight. Instead, try Intermountain Aquatech's adult-friendly games out for size at your next pool party.

Jul 12,  · For an adult pool party idea, I love the idea of decorating a fun outdoor bar cart to use by the pool. I separate the bar cart into two rows where the back part of the cart needs to be at a higher level than the front of the cart. I use cake .