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There are many reasons you can break out as an adult. Stress or changes in your hormone levels, like menopause or switching or stopping birth control pills. Aug 09,  · Mild adult acne may consist of blackheads, whiteheads, or small pustules. In its moderate form, adult acne might also include papules, which cover one-fourth to three-fourths of the face or body.

Oct 31,  · Keep reading to learn some of the most common adult acne causes—and the best ways to treat these stubborn breakouts. Remind me, what causes breakouts? At the root of all acne is a clogged pore. Yes, adults get acne. Some adults continue to get acne well into their 30s, 40s, and even 50s. It is even possible to get acne for the first time as an adult. Dermatologists call this “adult-onset acne.”. It is most common among women going through menopause. Women tend to get adult acne more often than men do.

Adult acne, or post-adolescent acne, is acne that occurs after age For the most part, the same factors that cause acne in adolescents are at play in adult acne. The four factors that directly contribute to acne are: excess oil production, pores becoming clogged by “sticky” skin cells, bacteria, and inflammation. 1 day ago · Coming to terms with adult acne is difficult,” Dr Jushya Sarin, a dermatologist, recently captioned one of her Instagram posts. She added: “Coming to terms with adult acne is difficult. But it also helps to get to the root of the problem. In other words, to really treat your adult acne, you may need to understand what causes it in the first.