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Find adult daily living skills lesson plans and teaching resources. Quickly find that inspire student learning. Scholars take part in a guided-inquiry based lesson plan in which they observe the teeth and jawbones of a White-tailed deer . In this lesson, students will explore the activities that are required for an adult to live an independent life. Students will analyze what it means to assess these activities .

2 Skills for Life - Independent Living Contents Skills for Life - Independent Living Programme 3 Information about this resource 4 Starting the group7 Delivering the programme one-to-one11 Session 1 – Healthy eating and food hygiene 12 Session 2 (part 1) – Budgeting 23 Session 2 (part 2) – Option 1 – Internet & mobile safety Various Web sites will be used to create a realistic view of independent adult living—it really is an eye opener. The original lesson plans below were designed by Gayle Cooper, Staff.

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