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adult fiction set in - Fictional joke on the ground-trampling

Listopia > Adult Fiction Book Lists. Best South Asian Fiction. books — 1, voters 50 Books That Will Change Your Life - Chapters/Indigo. books — 1, voters Anticipated Literary Fiction. books — 1, voters Best Adult Indie Book Covers. Find mysteries, historical fiction, literature, and young adult books about North Carolina with this diverse book list. I couldn’t imagine a better way to prep for a trip to Asheville than reading books set in North Carolina.

Historical fiction. From flap copy: “Jason Reeves, a young peddler in Connecticut, comes to Litchfield where he becomes apprenticed to a printer, and learns the trade. It is a fascinating and honorable trade, carrying greeat responsibility most dramatic scene – the printing by Jason of the Declaration of Independence. Mar 11,  · A historical fiction novel that focuses on the Yellow Fever epidemic that rampaged through the city during the 18th century, Andersen’s Fever, collates a feeling of claustrophobia and fear about the city at the time. Following the protagonist Mattie Cook through the death-infested streets on her quest for profit with her family business, juxtaposed with a Author: Vincent Wood.

Dec 07,  · Vividly rendered, suspenseful, raw, and heart-wrenching, Snow Falling on Cedars weaves together a story of war and exile, romance and loss, all set against the backdrop of a post-World War II. Apr 13,  · Call it being inspired, but I thought it’d be worth exploring London a bit through young adult fiction. Of course, since this is 3 On A YA Theme and not a big, thick book list, this is but a mere glimpse of London through the YA world. If you have a favorite YA book set in or with major scenes set in London, shout about it in the Kelly Jensen.