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The end of playtime is an excellent time for training in another important skill – using the litter box. You should train ferrets to “go” at the end of every playtime. Of course, you’ll want to have the litter box set up already. If it seems to have a favorite spot to do its business already, set up the litter box there. With litter training — one ferret will be asleep in the chest of drawers and when it wakes up, instead of using the spot where all the others poop and piddle, it will run out of the room, down the corridor and find some obscure place (like under the desk in the study) to relieve itself.

Jul 09,  · Litter training takes time, for any animal, including ferrets. Potty training a puppy can take up to 6 months. Even some cats don’t get it at first. And just like dogs and cats, your ferret wasn’t born understanding what a litter box is, and why they are supposed to go there and only there, as opposed to every corner in the house. Oct 12,  · Time out is a gentle form of punishment, when nip training its advisable to have a seperate time-out cage (so not their own cage for sleeping and when you’re not at home, and not their travel enclosure). A time out cage doesnt have to be big, 60cm by 30cm is fine, and all it needs is a water bowl and a small corner litter tray.

Dec 09,  · Build trust with adult ferrets. Adult ferrets bite because they were not trained properly when they were younger and/or they have problems trusting humans. They will need direct skin to fur contact when you handle them. It will take a few months to train them to stop biting, but you need to be consistent, firm, and gentle with them%(54). Mar 03,  · Litter training a ferret is easy with a little patience and understanding. Set up a litter box in your ferret's cage, using litter that's safe for ferrets. Train your ferret using positive reinforcement. Keep the litter box 96%(23).