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Based on over 62, academic records of adult students from a geographically diverse institutional sample from forty-six percent public institutions, the study showed that 50 percent private of nonprofit institutions and 4 percent of for-profit institutions describe several positive outcomes for students who earned credit through prior learning assessment, when compared with students who did not make . The research review is a concise and easy-to-read compilation of studies, findings, and implications that can benefit national, state, and local adult education practitioners. First and foremost perhaps is the recommended definition of student persistence versus the traditional term of retention.

The Literacy Research Initiative is a comprehensive online collection that highlights the most recent research and most rigorous research studies on adult and adolescent literacy -- specifically reading, writing, and math. Adult Education Research programs can help you to find the most rewarding jobs in the education sector. These programs are designed to help students get to the top level positions in the field of Adult Education. Based on thorough research, Adult Education Research .

According to the adult education nonprofit Jobs for the Future, “perhaps the most formidable barrier facing adults with lower than eighth‐grade levels of reading and math is the long time it takes to close the gap between their current skills level and the level needed for college work.”8 Education researchers Barbara Baran and Julie Strawn agree that the length of remediation programs makes it difficult for students File Size: KB.