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Apr 01,  · Adult education programs are generally offered as a way for adults to earn their high school equivalency diploma or to gain further knowledge in their chosen profession. Options are widely. Nov 28,  · Basic adult education programs are non-degree programs that offer training for adults. Programs may prepare students to take the GED test, help them strengthen their reading levels, or provide them.

Adult Education Program Is going back to school to earn your high school diploma on your to-do list? Have you've been wanting to learn new skills that can advance your career? Kpowered learning isn't just for students in grades K– A programme of Adult Education and Adult literacy should take a front place in any programme for economic and social development.” It is clear that to enable the ignorant masses of India to understand the real meaning of democratic way of life, the programme of .

The Adult Education Department provides academic instruction up to the college level. Whether you need assistance in improving your reading ability, preparing for the GED, or making sure you are prepared for college or the workforce, Wallace Community College’s Adult Education program has something for you. The AASD Adult Education Program takes great pride in assisting adults to achieve their educational and career goals. The Altoona Area School District's Community Education Center was established in For over 50 years, the Center has provided adult educational opportunities in Blair County.