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Adult students interested in studying music have many course and program options available. Explore some of the schools and programs, as well as common coursework, to determine what would best suit. Adult students are an important part of the Brooklyn Music School community. At BMS we welcome adult students of all ages, levels and abilities for individual, partner and group music instruction on most instruments and voice. Chamber music and ensemble activities provide great opportunities for improving musicianship skills and for socializing.

“Adult Education” was one of two new songs recorded for Hall & Oates compilation Rock n' Soul Part 1. It was a top 10 hit in the US, The Netherlands & Belgium and also charted in Canada, Australia. Jun 01,  · Adults who receive formal music instruction as children have more robust brainstem responses to sound than peers who never participate in music lessons and that the magnitude of the response correlates with how recently training ceased.

Protest music as adult education and learning for social change: a theorisation of a public pedagogy of protest music music with a social conscience, and artists who had returned to and re- awakened “s idealism” in their brand of popular music, are Tracy Chapman, Suzanne Vega, REM, The Indigo Girls and Australian band Midnight Oil.