Daughter and mother spanked and caned by strict teacher - adult daughter spanking


adult daughter spanking - Daughter and mother spanked and caned by strict teacher

Apr 24,  · My daughter was clearly sore but nonetheless the belt had its say on her hindquarters, as I fully expressed my displeasure at her earlier misbehaviour. This wasn’t a few quick licks to reignite the previous flame – this was an old-fashioned butt whipping, designed to significantly alter her behaviour. May 23,  · I’m not talking about small children, but their adult children. In , a Cleveland judge decided it was okay for a father to spank his daughter, age twenty-five, with a shingle, of all things. In Chicago, , twenty-one-year-old Mary McDermott mouthed off to a policeman and was arrested.

Mother and Daughter GOT SPANKED!!!! - YouTube Nice try!! "A colleague of mine still spanks his daughter and she is eighteen. There is one thing between being perverted and punishing. Trust me I do not feel comfortable doing this any better than you do. I do have my morals you know." He said. "Yea well one of them should be not staring at .

3. Spanking Hand spanking is always on bare bottom OTK Spanking with a hanger / the nursery cane(s) is often with me standing still / bending over the bed. 4. Reflection Essay writing to reflect on what I have done and what can be done to avoid similar things from happening in future.