The sexiest Clown your ever see - adult clown loach


adult clown loach - The sexiest Clown your ever see

For a small group of adult Clown Loaches, you’re going to need a tank that can hold gallons of water or more. As a good rule of thumb, adults need about 30 gallons of space each. Water Parameters. The most important thing to consider when caring for any fish is the water conditions. Adult clown loaches are quite big, and you want to give them ample room to move around. The issue of tank size is complicated by the fact that you need to keep at least six of them. Clown loaches thrive in active schools as they can get stressed if only a few of them are in one tank.

Adult Clown Loach is about 6 to 8 inches in length. It means that you need to have a tank size of about gallons if you want to keep Clown Loach happy. Also make sure you have free space for swimming as Clown Loaches are schooling fish & love to swim in group. Clown Loach is a moderate fish which means care level is not easy. A school of adult clowns requires a gallon ( l) aquarium – or 30 gallons ( l) per loach. Clown loaches gravitate toward a strong current in the wild. The .

Information about the maximum size of the clown loach varies, with some estimates ranging up to 20–30 cm (– in), and with typical adult sizes ranging from 15–20 cm (– in). The fish's body is long and laterally compressed, with an arched dorsal surface and a flat ventral surface. Its head is relatively large and its mouth faces downward with thick, fleshy lips, and four. Clown Loach Tank Size. A group of these Loaches should be kept in a minimum 75 gallon aquarium as juveniles. 5 adults will need at least a gallon tank – allow roughly 30 gallons of water per loach. Clown Loach Tank Mates.