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52 rows · A typical day at an adult day care is 8 to 12 hours long and is open around the needs of most working families. While adult day care facilities differ in their offerings and prices, most centers provide socialization opportunities, supervision and scheduled recreational activities for seniors and Alzheimer's or dementia patients. Jun 12,  · Adult day care is usually payed on a daily or hourly basis. According to the Administration for Community Living, the average cost per day is around $25 to over $, depending on the services day care costs can also vary depending on the location of the service that you choose.

What are the Costs of Elder Care in an Adult Care Home? Monthly fees typically range from $3, to $9, a month, with many options ranging $ to $7, per month range. This range is broad because there are a broad range of options available in our community. Jun 24,  · Need skilled care like physical therapy, speech therapy, and other types of rehabilitation. Those who meet all of these conditions under original Medicare will qualify for assistance as follows: Up to 20 days of nursing care is % covered by Medicare; After day 21 and up to day , patients will pay a co-pay that averages $

Costs of Adult Day Care. Adult day care and adult day health care are, without question, the most economical way to provide supervision and personal care for an elderly loved one on a daily basis. When compared with home care for an equal number of hours, adult day care usually costs at least 50% less. As for an adult day care facility, reports that the national average for adult day care charges is about $ per month. This is a deal compared to full-time care in a skilled nursing home, which averages $ a month, or an assisted living facility, which averages $ a month.